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Not Kansas JPO Rain Ankle Boots

$ 149.95

                            Art for the street, made for your feet...

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration Hollenberg Bros is excited to launch its premier limited edition rain boots featuring Not Kansas JPO.

Not Kansas JPO, known for his bold and colorful street art, will be making a splash in the world of fashion. JPO is collaborating with the Hollenberg Brothers, to create boots that are guaranteed to make the wearer look forward to rainy days.

John Paul O’Grodnick, is a local New York artist, who was raised in Fairfield County Connecticut.He is well known for his street art and currently has his work on exhibition at the Dorian Grey Gallery located in lower Manhattan as part of A New Spirit of Creativity featuring a special series of collaboration paintings between JPO, Sean Sullivan (Layercake) and Mike Mozart (Mimo).

Last September, JPO collaborated with B.D. White and painted all the street light bases on Mulberry Street, bringing their signature style to people who stopped by the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy.

JPO along with BD White had their street art on exhibition during ARTBasel, Miami FL, as well as at Wall Works NY.

Make sure to pick up a copy of SOLD Magazine, a free quarterly magazine by artists for artists and art lovers was just recently launched by JPO in collaboration with Greg Frederick and BD White.

*Each order comes with a limited edition JPO print